Livonis Republican Committee, Livingston County, New York 

Presenting our Republican Candidates for the
November 8, 2016 General Election

Polls open from 6 am to 9 pm

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Vice President
U.S. Senator
U.S. Congressman
Donald J. Trump, Republican Candidate for President of the United States
Mike Pence, Republican Candidate for Vice President
Wendy Long, Republican Candidate for U.S. Senator
Chris Collins, Republican Candidate for U.S. Congressman
Donald J. Trump
Mike Pence
Wendy Long
Chris Collins

NYS Senator
NYS Assemblyman
County District Attorney
Cathy Young, Republican Candidate for NYS Senator
Joe Errigo, Republican Candidate for NYS Assemblyman
Raymond P. Sciarrino, Jr. Republican Candidate for County District Attorney
Cathy Young
Joe Errigo
Raymond P. Sciarrino, Jr.

Livonia Republican Committee

Richard A. Williams, Chair
Peter W. Dougherty
Frank P. Seelos III, Vice Chair
Edward J. Dutra
Vacant, Treasurer
Eric R. Gott
Kelly R. Strong, Secretary
Kathleen C. Olson
Livonia Republican Committee
Ralph C. Parker
  Michael C. Sharman

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Republican Elected Officials

Town of Livonia

  • Eric R. Gott, Supervisor
  • Frank P. Seelos, Deputy Supervisor
  • Andrew S. English, Councilman
  • Matthew T. Gascon, Councilman
  • Angela M. Grouse, Councilwoman
  • Colleen West Hay, Town Clerk
  • David M. Coty, Superintendent of Highways
  • Robert J. Lemen, Town Justice

Village of Livonia

  • Christopher J. Genthner, Vice Mayor
  • Robert C. Leader, Trustee
  • Ralph C. Parker III, Trustee


What it Means to Be A Republican

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I am a Republican because:

What It Means To Be A Republican

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Republican Elected

Congressman Chris Collins
Chris Collins

Senator Catherine Young
Catharine Young


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Livonia Republican Committee
PO Box 511 - Livonia, NY 14487

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